over the top holiday wishes

Except for Super Bowl Sunday, most people find commercials a nuissance. I, on the other hand, find them more entertaining than some of the shows on TV – especially this time of year. It’s the silly season – a no holds barred leveraging of Christmas to move product. Ho.Ho.Ho? Hee Hee Hee is more like it.

In a single viewing evening, I have come to understand that the key to my yuletide happiness is a delicate balance of  whiter teeth, plumper turkey, heavenly chocolates and money savings. Take yesterday for example, here are some of the lessons I learned watching TV.

1) Brighten your holidays with teeth strips. Is this all I need to do? That’s much easier than what was on my to-do list this season. Phew!

2) It’s not a holiday without a turkey! Has anyone asked the turkeys about this? Does this mean if we don’t have a turkey, we don’t get a holiday. Bummer.

3) Chocolate from the Gods – could there be a more divine pleasure? I dunno. I’ll think about that. No wait. There is. I’m sure of it.

4) Save Money – Live Better – really! It’s that simple eh? To think, all the time I wasted building a career, raising a family, saving for retirement, volunteering at my kids’ school. Thank you big box mart. You’ve saved me a mess of trouble.

Truth is there are some great commercials. Great ideas that are well executed and deliver the right message to the right audience.

Chef Boyardee – obviously delicious, secretly nutritious is a winner in my books – whether you eat canned food or not.

Maxwell House‘s Brew Some Good campaign is a game and, as a result, life changer.


And some classics that will oft be imitated but never duplicated. As the saying goes in marketing – amateurs borrow, professionals steal.

the Cog – from Honda

and who could forget IKEA and the lamp

So enjoy the ridiculous and sublime this time of year. And if you find yourself feeling conflicted over white teeth vs. chocolate from the gods. Maybe turn the boob tube off for a bit. It’s getting to you.


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