on resolutions and revolutions

This year, I resolve to revolutionize. Where resolutions are solitary and difficult (and in my case, often doomed), revolutions are empowering, engaging, community-enhancing and life-changing.

The change in calendar year is a powerful time. It has brought violent change to parts of the world. Think the Romanian Revolution of December 1989 or the Cuban Revolution of January 1959. Even the first new years of this decade was a revolution of sorts. Y2K united us in fear or distain of the ultimate computing crash down chaos.

But the etymology of revolutionize belies it’s more typical connotation of chaos and violence –  “to change a thing completely and fundamentally” – was first recorded in 1799 (thank you Online Etymology Dictionary ).

What could be better than to “change a thing completely and fundamentally”? So I say, I want a kind of kind revolution. I want to shop locally most of the time. I want to support local development anytime. I want to volunteer at least a few times. I want to have a meaningful conversation with people who are much younger than me and people who are much older than me at least some of the time. I want to try new things often times. I want to be a better stranger all of the time.

Step one in my revolution? Share this link to the Beatles Revolution from YouTube and wish you all a completely and fundamentally new year!

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