it’s marketing christmas eve

Here we are. Hours away from the Olympics in Vancouver. “Citius, Altius, Fortius” (faster, higher, stronger) is the motto of an Olympian. And the same holds true for the marketers who will help pay for the rights to broadcast it. So who will show olympic creativity in advertising? I cannot begin to guess. It’s bad luck to try anyway. But I can’t wait. And I know I will be surprised and hopefully delighted. So I will don my new pjs, and sleep tight knowing tomorrow, on TV, I’ll be in for a big surprise.  I’ve been very good this  year. I hope i’ll be rewarded and enjoy. The milk and cookies are on the table. Let’s see who takes a bite.


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  1. Hi Louise: I am interested in your opinion – Just a coincidence between the opening ceremony’s Spirit Bear (puppet?)and the fact that Coke, a major sponsor of the Olympics, has a bear motif as part of their branding?

    • I honestly didn’t recognize this until you mentioned it. And yet, it is uncannily close. The sponsors are so closely linked in these games. VANOC bought all the public advertising media in the lower mainland for the duration of the games. From the transit ads to the billboards – nothing but Samsung, McDonalds, Coke, the Bay, etc. It’s oddly calming and very tidy. I should have been more disturbed by that but I wasn’t. The choreography of it appeals in a visual sense. It’s quite something to see even if it should go against everything we cherish in a free society. Design is so powerful. Even the crowds were “designed” – the sea of red and white makes an indelible impression – you want to join. At least I wanted to. And I have the maple leaf wear on my VISA (the only card accepted at the Games) to prove it.
      Ultimately, I think the ceremonies were largely influenced by the designer’s experience crossing the country and living as a Canadian – from the cirque du soleil type acrobatics, to the leaves, fiddlers, mountains and totem poles – I saw things that i’ve seen before – and the recognition helped me feel that sense of belonging they worked hard to achieve. But I do have to say, the polar bear is not a typical viewing experience for most, come to think of it, except for those oh so cute coke commercials. So where he came from, the creative subconscious or the corporate mentality, I will never know. But I will always wonder…

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