These blogs make us look bitchy, eh?

It occurs to me this morning while watching the Today Show broadcast from Grouse Mountain, that one of the main differences between coverage of the last Olympics vs these ones – a mere 18 months ago – is social media. WordPress, Facebook, Twitter and YouTube are giving public voices to those who just a year and a half ago in Beijing, had very little. It can be difficult to face the criticism of the world media, especially when we all want to solicit the approval of the world, eh? So interesed are we in doing so that the Today Show devoted a full three minutes and twenty three seconds to an investigative report on the meaning of “eh”.

So which opinions of others have we solicited?  It comes from inside and out. The Downtown Eastside Poverty groups, who are probably in the best position to criticize, have been vocal and significantly disruptive the last day of the torch relay. As for that crazy bunch who smashed the windows at the Hudson Bay Company flagship Olympic store, I can’t see past the vandalism to understand what message they wanted to send. The worst injury of all to me are comments made in the UK’s Daily Mail about our role as a nation in the terrible death of the Georgian Luger. I believe our collective heart broke into 33,311,389 pieces on news of the accident and the tragic outcome. But somehow that didn’t make his blog. On a lighter note (also a favourite turn of phrase at the Today Show), there’s Zambonigate at the Richmond Oval. Great to see Geatan Boucher on CTV this morning noting that prior to the Calgary Olympics, speed skaters had to compete, gulp, on real ice, outside, in real weather. Zamboni, Zamshmonie fellow bloggers.

In researching my own upcoming trip to the games, I have read some terrible things written by actual spectators about the venue at Cypress Mountain. And I’m more than a little nervous bringing my kids up the mountain to face an unreasonable expectation of food, water and bathroom breaks in exchange for the the look on their faces when the aerial magic happens. But risk I will. Because this is a once in a lifetime experience for my family. And while access to the blogging universe means we can read into the minds of the world, it somehow makes it more irresitible than ever to head over the hills and down to the coast to take in the vibe of our greatest olympics moment, eh?

I hope there’s no line ups to access wireless networks. I hope to type updates to this blog throughout the weekend. I’d call them in but I feel  sure you’d never hear what I had to say as the noise of the Olympics are, if nothing else, deafening.


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