vancouver is at its finest

Being at the Olympics here in Vancouver is a bit like being in the world’s friendliest airport. There are crowds and line ups and people from all over the world coming and going. It’s fascinating. There are check points and tickets. There are departure times and arrival times. There are restrictions and rules. And we are indeed flying high! Vancouver is at its shiny best – from friendly transit workers and joyful volunteers who literally, both welcome you to an event, then thank you afterwads as you wait in well managed line ups for the ride home to city streets and event locations gift wrapped in blue and green vancouver 2010 graphics. It really is stunning.

It’s been a wild ride so far! Women’s aerials and short track speed skating made for some incredible thrills and spills. The crowds cheer for everyone. Americans cheer for Canadian Athletes, we return the favour. Win or lose – the crowds response to the efforts of the athletes. At women’s aerials, an athlete fell, lost both skiis and skided down on ski boots across the line. The crowd went wild and her grin told the story of how awesome it must be to compete in the Olympics. But perhaps the greatest cheers await today as we head back into the city for the Canada USA Men’s Hockey Game. And the fun begins far before and after the game. On the trains. In the street. It’s everywhere. I’m beginning to “believe” we were indeed “made for this”!



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  2. What a fantastic adventure! I’m so glad you’re experiencing it.


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