Canada-USA cliche

It is cliche of course to say that sports is a metaphor for life. But, in the full day that has past since the end of this memorable hockey showdown, I have come to acknowledge, that some cliches are worth their weight in gold.

1) It ain’t over till it’s over

Everyone watching that game had to know that up until the best empty net goal ever, things could have been much different. It came down to the last two minutes.

2) Being good isn’t good enough

The maple leaf squad is good, no question. But the US Team has lightning fast skaters. You can’t just be good – you have to keep up too. There were moments where I wasn’t sure if I was watching hockey or short track speed skating. Really really fast.

3) You can’t just shoot, you have to score

Team Canada out shot the US 4 to 1 last night and scored 3 goals. If it were a battle of effort and talent, we would have won. But it wasn’t. It’s a numbers game. Like sports, life rewards results, not efforts.

4) Locals know best

OK, I’m quite possibly Canada’s newest hockey commentator here at the Blagh Blog – and I know that Martin Brodeur is the winning-est goalie ever – but Vancouver is Luongo’s turf. Always trust the locals. He knows that rink better then any other goalie on earth. I think for this game, he should have been minding that net.

5) Don’t assume

The crowd at the game was a lopsided mix of thousands upon thousands of Team Canada hockey jerseys plus 10% navy blue USA gear. Team USA fans were polite, indeed a bit taken aback by the crowd. Some even asking to have their picture taken with the leagues of crazy canuck helmet headed, red body painted, long underwear wearing hockey fans. The party on the way to the party was more than half the fun. I assumed there might be boo-ing. There wasn’t much. I assumed there would be gloating U-S-A chants after the game. Didn’t hear much of that either. Of course, you couldn’t hear much of anything in that arena. It’s as if the USA was, gulp, humbled, by the win. A US fan I met on the bus the day before whispered to me that he “hoped we would win because we deserved it for being so nice”. No kidding. Granted, it’s not a typical american attitude. Or have I been making to many assumptions?

6) You can’t put a price on value

A fellow sitting next to us at the game paid $1,100 for his ticket. We got lucky and paid the actual ticket price. Regardless, our tickets could have fetched us a 2 week holiday anywhere in the world. Was it still worth it even if Canada lost? You bet. Those 60 minutes of drama and the full day of excitment that led up to it will last a lifetime. It was worth every penny. I suspect the fellow who paid $1,100 felt the same way too.

7) If you lose, don’t lose the lesson

And we’ll all stand by and see tomorrow when Canada (with Luongo in net) takes on Germany.



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