what we own

I’m posting this hours before “la grande finale olympique” – the Gold Medal Hockey Game, followed closely by “la grande fin olympique” – the closing ceremonies, because whether it’s a gold or silver today, what we have come to own these last two weeks are the moments that will stitch themselves like canada flags on the backpack of our collective memories.

It’s not the podium we own
It’s a new found sense of home

It’s the CAN-ADA jackets we zip
Watching Joannie land a triple flip

It’s the maple leaf tatoos we don
To cheer when the hockey games are on

It’s the pitcher of beer we share
With the fans who helped get athletes there

It’s the friendly face of the volunteer
Who understands our need to be here

It’s the kinder words of the world press
Who now know what makes us different makes us best

It’s the kids who’ll remember the day
Canadian athletes showed the gold way

It’s the mom who tied her little ones skates
And shivered in the stands to watch her get great

It’s the course workers who stayed up all night
To make sure those runs were just right

It’s the zamboni driver going round and round
To ensure that olympic records were found

It’s the friends and the families who together watched
As our expectations of each other got topped

It’s Alex and his brother who remind us all
The biggest steps to victory can be ever so small

It’s the flags and the red and wild can-do cheer
Of a nation we now hold ever more dear

So Go Canada Go. And don’t ever stop
If we can do this, who knows where’s the top!

3 Responses

  1. Thank you, Louise.

  2. 14 gold medals and now it’s roll up the rim! Does it get any better?

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