so now what?

So here’s a question. How do we decide that enough is enough? How do we decide that what we’ve been doing is no longer what we should be doing? When does one thing stop and another thing start? In case you’re suspecting a tale of love gone wrong (and if you know me personally, you’re not even thinking that), don’t. This is about work. How we make our living. How we step from one thing to another thing. It’s an interesting consideration. If you look at most people’s careers, you couldn’t script them if you tried. They saw an ad. They met someone at some place. They heard a story. They got a phone call. They made a choice. It’s the mundane that sets us on courses that we couldn’t have imagined. But how long can you stay on a course and not wonder if another would be a better one, or more precisely, the next one?

Take me for example. How did a girl from small town Ontario end up here in Salmon Arm. First, it was an PA annoucement on a typical high school day to apply for the Parliamentary Page Programme in Ottawa. Like I’d get in. But I did. Then, it was a “go west young people” movement (not unrelated to a big recession in Ontario, btw) – which I joined (and by joined I mean what the H-E – double hockey stick choice did I have, really?). Then, it was an ad in the paper for a publishing job “why not” moment that, well, worked out. Then, a few years later, another ad for a Masters in Publishing at SFU. Like I’d get in. But I did. (sound familiar?) Then it was a “hey come to Salmon Arm for awhile and see” like I’d like it – but I did.  So here I am, ten years later. And I feel like it’s time for change again – or it could just be spring… Come to think of it, it’s probably overdue. In my little life, this is the place I’ve lived the longest (10 plus years) and the job in which I’ve gone the furthest as the owner of Mediability. So is that it then? I don’t think so. This town is so stuffed full of talent, I can’t help but think there are many exciting things yet to do. But what? And for whom? And when? I have a few ideas. More than a few really. I just need the universe to unfold as it should. So if you’ve been having “now what” moments, let me know, maybe we can share travellers’ tips. Because I’ve always been sure about where I want to be, I’m just not always so sure how to get there.


One Response

  1. I’ve never been good at “where – want to bem”
    :ow the hell did – get here??? Now that -‘m good at!

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