for kirsten on OC transpo

Hi K,

If you’re reading this, you’re on OC transpo. In Ottawa, enjoying the dedicated transit lines that move you from city hub to neighbourhood homes at like, a gazillion miles an hour.

How lucky you are to live in such a beautiful place. The first impression that Ottawa made on all of us when we first got to university stuck with you best. You’re there. While we only remember with fond memories the time that we spent on Thompson 6, at Father’s & Sons, for the beer before bed at the Equinox, at the By-Ward Market. What you call home, we call the good old days. I’ll always wonder what life would had been like for us had we stayed. And after a day like today, I wish I had.

In my neighbourhood, things are 99% good. Then, on days like today, major 1% trouble. A child, in trouble. A flight or fight situation. An acknowledgment that life is not easy. The emperor has no clothes. That something is rotten in the state of Denmark. A to be or not to be moment. How I wish you were here. To help me know that I made the right decision. That it might actually make a difference. To get perspective. To make it right.

To match our socks and get on with the day. I miss you. You never ride alone. This blog post is for you, ma belle.


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  1. I am on the bus!! And today, for the first time I have a female driver. Welcome to the New Millenium OC Transpo!
    You wonder what life would be like if you’d stayed, I wonder what if I’d left. I wish we lived closer and I could help fix your crappy day. If not with a band aid, at least with a cold one!
    Tu me manques.

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