News today that smart centres has scaled back its development plans considerably after receiving formal approval from the Ministry of the Environment for their revised Riparian Areas Regulation (RAR) assessment. First 80, then 60, do I hear 40 – how about 22 acres? It strikes me that the strife the city and its citizens have gone through was totally avoidable had we had a process where the MOE work came first, then the horse, then the cart, then the fill, then the stuff. But no, first the land purchase, then the plans, then the PR machine, then the divisive community debate. It SC were a shampoo bottle, its instructions would read lather, wash, repeat. Forgive me if I’m left feeling a bit water logged when in fact I should be showing gratitude to those who worked so hard to protect that ecosystem.

Plenty of backwards things happen all the time. I think we have more than a few things so of late. Education funding – increase the expenses, then cut the budget. Off shore drilling – agree to it then collectively shrug our shoulders in horror as we wait for the oil to hit the shores.  Afghan Detainees – cover up the documents, then have meetings on how to reveal them again.

I happen to get an e-mail today about how prisoners are far better off than pensioners on a limited income. Low income seniors would be better off in jail, according to the e-mail, where they would get free food, free housing, medical care and plenty of attention instead of being left to decide whether they should eat or take their medicine because they can’t afford both. I’m not advocating we put gramma in the slammer, but it sure gets you to thinking about how bassackwards things really can get.

On a personal note, I think plenty of social customs are a bit bassackwards too. Take birthdays for example. Rather than get gifts for our birthday, I always think we should host the party and offer gifts for our friends and family as a thank you for putting up with us for yet another year. And how about that third meal of the day. Breakfast should be the big meal, to get the day off to a good start. Instead, we rush all day then hurry home to make a big meal when, let’s face it, after a day of office work, we could all do with a scaled back ordeal – bowl of cereal or toast before bed, maybe just a salad. I mean, it’s not like most of us toil in the fields from dusk till dawn anymore. And it no longer takes 8 hours to prepare and cook a meal from scratch.

So the message from the universe today, for me, is that the process is the message. How we approach community building, governing, even socializing could do with a bit more attention. So I resolve, from here on in to ask questions first, and shoot later.


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