roadside distractions

ontari-ari-ario. we meet again.

under the happily ever after circumstance.

1 brother. married

1 sister-in-law gained.

1 ,500 km road trip attempted.

3 gold mines

1 bear crossing

1 terry fox memorial

2 moose

1 fox

and a 2-4’s worth of abandoned roadside motels (2-4 is an ontario term for a case of beer’s worth)

1 trip to gramma and grampa’s house from northern ontario to southern ontario.

after a 20 year absence, I find myself in my old stomping ground. canadian shield. pine trees atop miniature islands of rock in lake superior (or any lake in northern ontario for that matter). if a lone pine tree can survive such an existence, why don’t those dozens of boarded up road side motels have a chance? hard to say. except that northern ontario continues to scrape an existence from this hauntingly beautiful landscape.

a visit to old fort william in thunder bay reminds me that life prior to my own was a helluva an ordeal. canoes, birch bark, spruce root, sap, bugs, cold, heat, starvation, portage and general hostility. makes my trip in the mini van sandwiched between my parents and my kids seem like a trip to disneyland.

a few days later, a mid-week visit to a beach on Lake Erie reminds me why the OECD has a question or two about the productivity of the canadian economy. packed. absolutely packed. no hard working voyageurs to be found there.

but it’s good to be home, roadside distractions and all…


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  1. The trees don’t have to pay property taxes. And seriously now do you NOT go to the beach when it’s 40 in May??

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