fight or flight

Modern day travel is a bit of both. Ten days and six airports later, i am tired. Lineups and lounges, lattes and load factors, there’s an organized insanity that rules the take off and departure of over  70,000 flights and 4,000,000 passengers every day around the world. Like a sky high montreal, with no cafe au lait or smoke meat sandwiches to be found, no wonder people get cranky.

Take today for example. Leaving Kelowna, I stood in the usual line up and proceeded to the usual Air Canada counter for check in only to be chastised by the ground agent for being at the wrong counter. Her counter was for baggage. Her neighbour’s counter was for check in. My initial though was “hell ya i’m in the wrong place, I should have flown west jet” but I didn’t want to jeopardize the future of my luggage which was already in her hands. So I settled on a polite “OK”.

And the space in air space. That’s ironic isn’t it? A folding chair in a phone booth would be more comfortable. And there wouldn’t be anyone to remind me to fasten my seat belt or try to sell me earphones for three dollars. credit cards only please. no cash.

I don’t know how the road warriors of air travel, those most represented at the departure gates in which I spent too many of my vacation hours, are white, male, middle aged business men. Too bad it isn’t more glamourous. There might be a new career in it for these guys. It has all the makings of an entertainment industry like ultimate fighting or playoff hockey. At the very least, all the markings are there for a gripping reality TV series. Speed, skill, patience, nerve and bravado, cunning, deceit not to mention wheelie bags, laptops, smart phones, and a copy of The Globe and Mail. These are the tools you need to make air travel work.

But they’re calling my flight so it’s time to go. wish me happy landings…


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