billion dollar buzz

Is it me or is billion the buzz word du jour.

G8 and G20 summits – a billion

BC’s share of the Olympics – about a billion

The spill in the gulf – 3 billion so far

The pipeline for northern BC – 4 billion

A billion seems to be the going rate. If you want to get serious about something, it had better have a billion dollar price tag.

I think a number numbness sets in at the billion dollar mark. It’s so big, we can’t really comprehend how much it is. Like when you get to thinking about infinity or how far the stars really are or how big the sun really is or what the speed of light really means. Maybe it’s human nature. Our brains are saving our brain cells for the day to day stuff like remembering to feed and water our young. I dunno. But when I think about a billion, I start to feel that same feeling I get when I drink my slurpee too fast. Ouch.

Alright brain cells, buckle up. Let’s take this billion dollar baby out for a ride and see how she handles herself.

A billion dollars is 1,000 million dollars.

A billion dollars is 10 thousand 100,000 dollars

A billion dollars is 10 million 100 dollars.

A hundred thousand dollars is .0001 of a billion.

A billion seconds is over 31 years.

A billion minutes is approximately 1901 years.

A billion hours ago, we were in the stone age.

We share this planet with 6.8 billion other people.

One billion of us live in chronic hunger.

I-tunes has sold over 10 billion downloads

Youtube gets 2 billion views per day.

There have been over 50 billion tweets on twitter.

Too bad hungry people can’t eat mp3s, .m.o.v. files and tweets.

The economy has a weird way of sharing resources, meeting needs and distributing wealth. But it would probably take a billion economists to figure out how to fix it.So in the meantime, I’ll go back to my slurpee.


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