fighting fire with fire

You’ve GOT to be kidding me.

I’ve read some ridiculous accusations in my day, but this one is over the top.

what the H-E-double hockey stick was the SC VP of Corporate Affairs thinking when she went on basically accusing the opponents of burning down that butt-ugly, useless piece of crap building on their property. As if. If anyone wanted to burn it down, do you think opponents would wait until days before the public hearing to do it? I mean, c’mon. Ridiculous. Insulting. Outrageous.

That it burned to the ground and no one (thank the Lord) was hurt might be one of the best things to happen to them. Think about how much it would cost to demolish it and pay to dump it at the local landfill. If they were smart as they so claim to be, they would have made arrangements with the local VOLUNTEER fire department to do a controlled burn. But no. They used this terrible unfortunate act of personal desperation or random accidental cigarette butt throwing out the window in the middle of a heat wave, to leverage what little community support they have to reinforce their support. To vilify our legal right to oppose this development by accusing reasonably minded, intelligent, devoted community members and discredit us days before the hearing. How desperate. I’m disgusted. And you should be too.

You know, until today, I was at peace with this. If it was to happen, it would happen. I could live with it. Though I’d always regret that I couldn’t do more to keep the empty building on the Trans Canada less ugly because they moved to the new development. I wouldn’t shop there. But I could live with it. C’est la vie. Life goes on.

But now, I’m mad. And you should be too. A woman, in Vaughn Ontario, me thinks, protests too much. Epic Drama. Like Hamlet. Manifest destiny.

A local radio station, owned by a multi national media organization – casually publicizing only SC’s views – not exactly what I would call balanced journalism. Ending the piece with accusations that the last public hearing was hijacked by environmentalists. Give me a break. How do you hijack a PUBLIC hearing.

Poor supporters. Too afraid to attend a public hearing? Too afraid to attend a corporate BBQ?  C’mon. I know these people. They are brave and reasonable. Determined and strong in their views. How insulting for them. The real question is what is SC afraid of and how far will it go to get what it wants. This is desperation. If you can’t see this, you’ve got blinders on.

Screen writers in Hollywood could not have scripted this better. Coincidence? Now I have to wonder. George Clooney – the reasonable community activist who sees things for what they are. Tom Cruise, the super keen wanna go some where project developer who wants to make his mark. Write it up, at least we could all benefit from the movie rights.

So, here I am. Business owner, Mom, neighbour, friend, voter. I’m calling it. BS. Shame on you SC. And if you’re brave enough to phone or e-mail me madam VP, I’ll post it, word for word, right here on the Blahgg Blog. But i’m not holding my breath. I suspect you have bigger flames to fan.

And as for anyone else, make up your own mind. Start here:

See you at the public hearing.


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