political prescription side effects

Beware the side effects of political prescription. I don’t know about the rest of you but since the accusations that opponents of the SC development could have contributed to vandalism on the site, my head hurts, my neck is sore. I’m a bit jumpy and very easily distracted. Call is a physiological reaction to manipulation and speculation. Of course news today that it is premature, says the RCMP, to tie arson to anyone, never mind opponents is welcome relief. But, as with real medicine, we must follow the prescription to the end of its course. And this next public hearing will be a punishing course of treatment, of that there is no doubt.

My husband and my kids have a cranky mama bear to deal with. Preoccupied with blogs, ranting at the radio, madly typing late into the night. Making calls. Taking calls. Total madness.

A little debate is a healthy thing. But is this too much of a good thing?  I know it’s not good for me. I have to kick the habit.

So with just a few days till the ugliness starts yet again, I need to take a chill pill. Go for a walk. Turn off my computer. Listen to some music. Meditate. Go to yoga. Force fluids and get a decent night’s sleep already. Because city hall has to deal with this one way or the other. SC can stay or SC can go. But we have to live here, with each other, for ever after. And regardless of your opinion on the matter, can we at least agree that we’ll need to find a way to get along once the microphones are turned off, the chairs are put away, and the lights are dimmed in our, ironically named, in this case, community recreation centre.

So in the interest of harmony, I offer up this youtube video of wind chimes.

Peace out.

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