march of the penguins

T minus 10 minutes to the beginning of our public hearing on the Smart Centres Development. If you have a Smart Centres in your community, you’ll know that their logo is made up of cute little penguins.

In preparation for the hearing, Smart Centres invited its supporters to the curling rink across from the recreation centre. Too funny isn’t it? Penguins, a curling rink. They even had ballons out at the doors to show them the way. I’m surprised they didn’t have a marching band too. Quite the fanfare.

You know, penguins are an apt symbol for this corporation. Watch this video as you think about what our poor little town has been through these last few years. Ironically, it’s quite apt indeed.

So march away penguins. I’m staying home. I’ve said what I had to say. I think I’ve been heard. My letters to council have been answered. My e-mail acknowledged. I’ll leave my spot for someone else to take that journey with a simple request that you be nice to each other. Because after the penguins are gone, we all have to live on this ice island together and it’s getting awfully hot these days!


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