QUaos and Horder in la Belle Province

Bonjour de Quebec.

Every summer, I bring my boys to Quebec so they can live “en francais” and while I’ve never had a postal address here myself, I can safely say I know this place better than any town I’ve ever lived in – and I’ve lived in more than a few. You see, when I was kid, my mom would pack up the Acadian to the brim and bring my brother and I to la belle province for the summer so that we too could live “en francais”. It’s tradition. One that I’m proud to continue, these oh so many, years later.

So, to know Quebec is to know a few things.

1) best cheese curds in the world

2) remarkly inexpensive beer (24 for 22.99 – Canoe store would go bankrupt with that scheme…)

3) unbelievably expensive milk (maybe one subsidized the other…)

4) QU – as in the QUaos noted above – this province is so incredibly patriotic (I hope my western friends will forgive me) – many business names start in QU – and if they don’t, they end in BEC. Being from QUeBEC is part of your being – business and all.

5) H – Now, my mom has spoken English longer than I’ve been alive. And most of my relatives speak English despite what most of you “Henglish” think – they just put “H” where there aren’t any, then drop them from words that really need them. So the previous sentence should in fact read, here in Quebec, my mom has spoken Henglish longer than I’ve been Halive. Which is her polite way of telling me to go to Ell if I dare correct her pronounciation (which I long since stopped doing).

6) hot dogs (or should I say ot dogs…) – the bun tops are trimmed off and grilled to perfection. It’s a thing of beauty. And you can only enjoy that here (or should I say ear).

7) arts and culture – in the short 28 days a year we spend here, we benefit from an incredible array public art and culture – festivals of every kind (there’s a festival for beef, for heaven’s sake…),  music, exhibits, museums, plays – it goes on an on… but this one is mind blowing – and it’s a free public event every night all summer long. The Image Mill (images on the Mill at the Old Port of Quebec) – check it out below.


8) Horder – or should I say Order – the homes are remarkably well groomed – nothing out of place. Perfect in fact. The kids (and parents) are perfectly dressed. It’s a pride thing. Like Italy – they represent their whole family each time they step out the door – and they make an effort as well as an impression.

9) QUaos – but they drive like maniacs. And the occasional quiet conversation turns into a shouting match. Nobody giggles. Everyone laughs out loud. They are passionate. Kind. Loving. And a ton of fun.

And, come the end of July every year, there’s no where else on earth I’d rather be.

Bonsoir et bonne nuit!

Loulou (that’s french for Louise…)


2 Responses

  1. You know very well this post warms right to my heart. So much of this is so familiar. Love it “Lou Lou” 😉

  2. […] latest, QUaos and Horder in la Belle Province from the Blahgg Blogg is all about family tradition and culture. Bonjour de […]

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