plus ca change, plus c’est la meme chose…

A lovely way of saying, here in la belle province, that history repeats itself. Not that you need 65 plus of your favourite relatives to prove it, but it helps. You see, last night, here at our family camping, we hosted a party to welcome my brother’s bride to the tribe. With the typical accoutrements, balloons, ribbons, pictures and all the family’s favourite foods – tourtiere, jambon, ketchup maison, feves au lard, pudding aux bleuets and sucre a la creme – like Grand Maman used to make.

Next to the laptop with the de rigeur slideshow of wedding pics off CD Rom, was a lowly old school TV with built in VCR. Running on it was a video, a collection of photos and home movies dating back to the fifties.  As I watched them again quietly today after “toute la gang” was headed home, it was a warm reminder that though life has changed, we’re not getting any younger and there’s no time like the present to enjoy the people you love, there were some striking similarities – and a few funny differences too.

My aunts and uncles, as young men and women, look like my grown cousins do now – except for the skinny ties, fewer fancy hats and the skinnier frames (my own included). My cousins, as kids, look like their own kids do now minus the i-pods and DS games and merchandised clothing. But the rest? Pretty much the same. Scenes of afternoon picnics, days at the beach, family get togethers, some of those same fold out chairs are still here at camp, I swear, Grandmothers who never sit down for serving everyone everything they need. Grandfathers who sit proudly watching their brood. Lovely party dresses for the girls and goofy bow ties for the boys at family get togethers.  Incredibly cumbersome wedding dresses. Long receiving lines with lots of hugging and kissing. People. Happy to be together. And, I guess, that’s what family is really all about.

So on that note. Be. Happy. Together.

Bonsoir. Bonne nuit. A la prochaine.


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