La Rentree

In Quebec, back to school is called “La Rentree”. The return or more specifically, the re-entry. Which is apt me thinks for the great journey that happens when summer nears its end. In June, we pack up our lives, like a spaceship full of tupperware bins of household goods, tents and tarps. We strap on the bike racks and bungy cord the bikes. And, so begins the annual migration from the routines, the schedules, the “ordinariness” of our lives. Mind you not forget the bug spray and sunscreen and the refillable water bottles. No travel-naut would be without.

Come late August, we prepare for the re-entry. That body slamming force of nature that puts us back on earth. We re-introduce our feet to socks. We search for shirts with longer sleeves. We begin the diligent process of filing in calendars on fridges with hockey games, piano lessons, and football practice. We cut out soup recipes from Canadian Living. Our thoughts turn to canning and freezing food for the winter (in my case, it’s only a thought, I never end up getting it done).  We re-organize cupboards and recycle the clothes the kids have grown out of over the last eight weeks. We make lists of things we want to do and things that need to be done (not nearly the same thing, of course).

I don’t think I could live in an all season climate. It would throw off my schedule. I was once in South Africa over Christmas – and while many things during that trip twisted my take on life, I was quite distracted by the combination of Christmas and summer holidays at once. I couldn’t cope with that. I need a 6 month interval to make it work.

So I wish you all a happy re-entry. A visit to the Fall Fair. A nice pumpkin from DeMilles. A yummy apple pie using this year’s crop. Shoes with socks. A warmer blanket.

And I’ll put another log on the fire (now that the fire ban is off) and watch the final moments of a long hot summer burn away hoping it will sear in my mind, that come February, I’ll remember, that summer will blast off again and I’ll be ready for take-off.

Happy landings, my friends. And please, exercise caution. Your baggage may have shifted in the overhead bin during landing.


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