It takes a village…

To raise a child and, as it turns out, to publish a book. And an even bigger village to launch one. So this blog post is a shout out to all of you who helped last Saturday as we launched the guaranteed giggle book of the season, Don Sawyer’s The Lunch Bag Chronicles.

What fun. We giggled. We scribbled on lunch bags. There was cake (it’s not a party without cake, afterall). We took pictures. There was a giant lunch bag and some teeny tiny ones wrapped around the juice boxes. For a few hours, it was lunch bag village at our lovely art gallery.

So thanks to all of you who came out. There were many families and every one seemed willing to buy a copy (thanks for that too – much appreciated). There were friends who took pictures, sold books, stayed for hours with their kids despite the demands of a usual Saturday. You helped with crafts and cleaned up. Put chairs out and put chairs away. Decorated. Served cake. And we couldn’t have done it without you.

Here are a few pics of the big event with a final thank you to Don and his family, Jan, Melissa and Farish, whose willingness to share their memories helped to make lovely memories for the rest of us.

I told you it would be fun. I think I was right. Guaranteed giggles, or your money back at


3 Responses

  1. Wow – this is amazing! The book is terrific and so much fun to read!


  2. The pictures tell a story of a fun filled event.

  3. […] again, check out Louise’s Blahgg blog for her It takes a village… post on the collaborating and launching of Don Sawyer’s The Lunch Bag […]

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