Yes, Prime Minister

It has been a lousy few weeks.

Long gun registry, long form census, Harperland (the unauthorized biography), backwards economic growth, oh my!

What’s a PM to do?

I think it’s time you got a grip. Seriously, it’s time you re-evaluated your perspective and, gulp, your priorities.

The thing about Canadians is that they like to like people. And, let’s face it. It’s getting harder and harder to like you. Which, call me crazy, if I were a politician, would be a big problem.

You used to be a normal guy. Wife, two kids. Career path. Now, you’re portrayed as a super control freak with a hidden agenda. Shame really. Again, Canadians like to like people. And there was a time that some of us actually liked our Prime Minister. I know, shocking isn’t it?

Isn’t it time you spent time with real Canadians?

Spend a day with a grade school teacher.

Spend a day with a single mom.

Spend a day with a logger.

Spend a day with a small business owner.

Spend a day with a fellow trying to find a job.

Spend a day with perspective – it’s refreshingly real.

Spend a day with anyone other than the people you usually spend the day with (other than your wife and kids).

See what really matters. Jobs. Community. Relationships. Hope. Prosperity.

Everything else will pale in comparison.

Learn how the rest of us live. Paycheque to paycheque, apparently. Over anxious, apparently. Worried for the future, apparently. Too deep in dept, apparently.

Learn to live how the rest of us live and we may learn to like you. Otherwise, come the next election, you’ll be one of us.

And just in case you question our view of how you run the country and how the rest of us may run the country,  you may want to reflect upon this episode of Yes Prime Minister.


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