Take off eh?

Dear Air Canada,

We need to talk. I’ve been meaning to do this for awhile. I just didn’t have the heart to. Truth is, this just isn’t working for me anymore. I need to break up with you once and for all.

Why I stood by for all these years when clearly you long ago lost interest is unclear to me. Shared history maybe. You took me to Disneyworld as a kid. You took me on my backpacking trip to Europe. Happy visits back and forth to be with family. We’ll always have that trip to Italy, I guess.

But this last attempt to reconcile, a botched flight to and from New York is the last straw. I can take a hint, even if it was booked on an Air Canada flight.

I stuck with you through thick and thin. Mergers and acquisitions, strikes and scares, bankruptcy and insolvency.  I thought you were worth sticking with because you had talent and experience despite younger and nicer suitors like that WestJet cowboy or the super keen and handsome Prep school boy Porter Airlines.

Lotta good it did me.  It’s painfully clear to me that computers and dollars are the only things that fuel you.  For me, it was about the maple leaf on my luggage and on the tail of the planes in the fleet in every major airport worldwide. You no longer wear it well. It should be a dollar sign instead (no wait, you’re not making money) or maybe an unhappy face 😦 that would work. . Come to think of it, you might consider changing your name as well to air can’t-a-da.

So as part of  the settlement,  I’ll cash in all my aeroplan points and be the proud owner of a brand new travel iron or gold membership to costco or some other lame reward. But who cares. I’ll be done with you and I’ll get on with my life.

Next time I travel, I’ll look over with a knowing, somewhat disgusted glance, that I did the right thing. And judging by your so called “friends” on your facebook page, I don’t think I’ll be alone.

So in the words of the immortal Bob and Doug Mackenzie, as far as I’m concerned Air Canada can take off eh, I’m flying West Jet instead.



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