It’s Needcember

On the heels of the genius Movember movement, I’d like to propose we rename December to Needcember. You see, at my house, one of our big challenges is to explain to our boys the difference between what they need and what they want. And the conversation usually goes something like this. “Mom, I need to go to Zellers to buy the Pokemon Gold Silver Game”. To which I always respond “you NEED another Pokemon game? Really honey, you need food and water and shelter. Parents who love you. You need a good night sleep and you need to eat your breakfast before school. You need to do your homework. That’s what you need! You might want a Pokemon game but it’s not the same thing.” Insert eye roll here.

In an over commercialized world, it’s hard for kids to make that distinction. But I think my boys are starting to get it. So at dinner the other night, I asked the boys what we should give for Christmas. Give? Say what? “You mean get, right mom?” My eight year old gave me a “what’s you talkin’about Willis” glance. My six year old was horrified feeling as if he’d already made it quite clear that he wanted to get a remote control truck and some moon sand. Duh! But I persisted.

“No. Really, don’t you think there might be kids who need things at Christmas that they won’t get?” I asked. “Like a limited edition Roberto Luongo hockey card?” said my eight year old. “Sort of”, I said. “Like food, or a gift under the tree?” It got awfully quiet at the dinner table.

So we talked some more and decided that each of us would pick one “pretend person” who needed something and try to fill that need. My eight year old would like to buy tickets to a Silverbacks game for a teenager. As far as he’s concerned teenagers are the coolest people on earth. With money for pop and fries at the concession, of course. My six year old isn’t sure. But if it involves a trip to Zellers to pick something out for another six year old, he’s okay with that. I will buy diapers and formula for the Family Resource Centre Teen Pregnancy Outreach Program because babies make the world a better place and we need to help them make their way. And my hubby will get movie tickets for teenage kids who could use a night out with their friends. Because even a grown up dad can appreciate a night out with the boys.

So at our house, we’ll call it Needcember. There are real needs out there now that December is upon us. So I’d invite any group who has real needs to meet to let us know what that need would be and we’ll do our best because we need to. Or am I being too subtle? And I’d invite any of you who feel the need to read this blog to do the same. I’m not against getting, but I know that giving feels so much better.

So happy Needcember. Fill it with as much as you can. And if anyone finds a Pokemon guide for idiot moms, I’d like a copy, but I don’t really need one.


2 Responses

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  2. Re Needember
    Needsa versus Wants ; the eternal question
    I want a condo on the beach at Swakopmund Namibia but Ill settle for a new hip.
    Kiss the boys

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