blahgg block

A new year is a time of renewal. Isn’t it? Why the block? I’ve been thinking about what to post to mark the advent of 2011. And I haven’t come up with much. I thought about lists (best commercials of the year, top trends in marketing). I thought about predictions (will Mayor Marty run again, will Colin Mayes win again if there’s a federal election, will we get a Walmart or a Value Village). I thought about resolutions (exercise every day, save money, eat my vegetables). But it all felt a bit blah for the blahgg blog.

Then I began to think why even write lists, make predictions or resolve to do something. Why not just do it. And then the block crumbled. So for 2011, I’m going to use the Blaghh Blog to do the things that up until now have only found themselves comfortably seated on my to do list. I’ve always wanted to write stories for magazines. And while the magazines may have other ideas about that, why wait. I’ll just do it here. An essay a la New Yorker, a layout on home accessories, maybe a travel story or a food story or even an economic graph or two just like in The Economist. I might even get brave enough to try a Facts & Arguments like in The Globe & Mail.

Funny how once you decide to just get on with it, it starts to get done. Take tonight for example. Just as I was drafting this, I checked the Observer site for the latest news – and there it was, a story, about yours truly. Weird.

I’ll take that as a sign and sign off. I’ve got some stories to tell, apparently.

Bonne Annee!


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