Big Thanks for Small Business

Last night I attended the It’s All About Women Gala in Salmon Arm. I was nominated for an award for Outstanding Woman in Business. And the irony is this, everyone’s who’s had the good fortune for being recognized for standing out, as I was last night, knows that we only stand out because of those with whom we stand.

I did my best to share my thanks and much of it is due to people who weren’t in the room last night – so, at the risk of appearing shameless and self promotional, I want to share a few lines from my speech to say thank you to my clients, my colleagues, my family and my friends for all you’ve shared with me.

I want to say thank you to Joan Sturdy for the nomination and to those of you who wrote letters of support

I want to thank all the people who stopped me on the street, send me e-mails and phone messages congratulating me on the nomination and especially want to thank the woman I’d never met  before who gave me a hug and told me she was proud of me. Thank you.

A big thank you to the organizers. This event is a labour of love. Volunteers, dedicated to women in our community put this whole thing together. They deserve our thanks. Thank you Coralie and your fearless band of volunteers for doing this year after year. All the proceeds go to the SAFE Society. And thank heaven’s for them and all the work they do.

Thank you to my family and friends.  Those of you who have friends who are self employed can understand the neurosis and obsessions of the small business owner. In some ways, we never really stop working. And there are days where we must be pretty annoying. So thanks for your love, understanding, healthy perspective and occasional moment of good natured ridicule.  We need that.

Thanks especially to the lovely people I get to work with every day. Otto and Warren, Riley and my wild and crazy bunch of design, printing and techie friends. The best things come to those who know the value and reward of team work. And we have an amazing team of talented, dedicated people in this town. So for you, I thank my lucky stars.

Of course, you can’t win an award like this without having the world’s greatest clients. your support, trust and encouragement have pushed my small business to the forefront of its profession. It’s an honour and a privelege to work with you every day – Louise and Margaret at the Credit Union, Joanne at the DIA, Neil and Melissa at Clixel, among others, as well as other groups I’ve worked with like SAGA and the Folk Music Society.

I’ll even reserve a smidgeon of thanks for those who, along the way, may not have been as supportive as I might have hoped for. Like success, adversity is a powerful motivator in business. I’ve learned to see that opportunity is as present in abject failure as it is in wild success. So I embrace both.

Just like the girlfriend who’s not afraid to tell you there’s lipstick on your teeth or your that those jeans aren’t really that flattering , look for loyal business colleagues who will tell you when things aren’t quite right and will help you look your best.

And finally, I’d like to thank all the women who own small businesses by saying that that there is nothing small about small business. Every step you take, every decision you make, every cheque you sign, every employee you hire, every risk you assume, every supplier you choose, every tax you pay, every innovation you make, everything you donate, every committee you volunteer for, every sacrifice you make, every little thing you do is BIG. It’s big enough to grow this economy. Big enough to improve our communities, staff our hospitals, educate our children and fund our government agencies. Small business is big enough to do all that. So I accept this award with a healthy dose humility, a heart full of gratitude and I dedicate it to all the REALLY REALLY BIG small businesses. Thanks again so very much.


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  1. very nice response speech. You are getting to be famous. In the case of boys one warns the winner to remember that he still puts his pants on one leg at a time. Not sure about girls. You should be very proud ( but humble)

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