I tweet therefore I am

I like to think of myself as “plugged in” – a self confessed news junkie.

I joined twitter about a year ago but never did anything with it. But now, with the election underway and my personal news amplifier turned up to 11 (thank you spinal tap), I’ve finally joined the chorus of birds who sing 140 characters at a time.

The news is suddenly more fun. To read Rick Mercer’s comments about letting Elizabeth May join the debate (“she’s the vinegar that brightens up the vegetables”) or Jack Layton’s dig at Harper for only wanting to debate Ignatieff (“don’t blame you for not wanting to face me again”), you get a less polished and more informal look at the workings of our political system.

Maybe I’m shallow for only wanting the sound, or in this case text, bites, but I’ll try it till the election is over and see if I want to fly the coop when it’s over.

So for today and the next few weeks to come, I tweet, therefore I am.

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