would a coalition be so bad?

If nothing else, the last two elections have proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that the days of blue or red are over.

I really don’t understand the vilification of the coalition government. All this jockeying among the centrist and left parties that your vote could lead to a Harper majority distresses me.

Let’s just think about it for a moment. There are plenty of winning examples of coalitions. The gold medal winning Olympic hockey team from Canada, for example, consisted of the best players from all the NHL teams. We chose from the best and they won. Sure, it took them awhile to find their groove – but they won, didn’t they?

Just imagine, if you will, a Canadian government where the Minister of Finance was fiscally conservative and the Minister of Labour understood the importance of the worker and the Minister of the Environment was, if you’re following my argument here, green? And the Quebec lieutenant was a fervent Quebecer. And the Minister of Veterans Affairs was a veteran. And the Minister of Indian Affairs (i can’t believe they still call it that) was Aboriginal and the Status of Women was held by a moderate woman. Heck, it’ll even go as far as saying the Minister of Justice should be a lawyer (though most MPs are lawyers, btw) and the Minister of Health should be a doctor. Is that such a crazy notion? If these were jobs I was trying to fill, I’d go for the experts and forget about the party line.

I think the real problem in Canadian Government is party politics. We can’t all be blue or red – when the truth is, we’re more purple. And purple is a lovely colour because it’s part red and part blue. So is orange – part red, part yellow. And green – part blue and part yellow.

So let’s think about the power of compromise. Vote for the issues that matter to you and come election day, let’s discard this old-fashioned notion of all or nothing and work towards all for something.

Come May, we’ll have to hit the ice again. I want Luongo in goal and Sydney on the face off, politically speaking, of course.


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