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DB8 a real tweet
April 28, 2011

hi all,

it’s time I got back to the Blahgg Blog after a very enjoyable stint as a community blogger for the CBC. I’ll miss it when it’s over. But I’ll be better rested as most of my evenings are spent on twitter and facebook keeping track of all the election news – or, in my new favourite twitter lingo #elxn41 (it’s a hash tag – i didn’t know what it was either till I ventured into the 140 character universe that is twitter).

Home just now from the all candidates debate where I used twitter to keep notes on the evening’s topic.

And you can keep alot of notes in 140 character posts. So I’ll repurpose them here to give you the vibe of the event (and a peak at what a tweet looks like)  in case you might have had other things to do tonight (GO CANUCKS).

Here’s the recap with a thanks to the SA Chamber for hosting the event. well done. we should do this more often.

Here’s what a tweet looks like. lwmediability is my “handle”. And if you’re not from here, Mayes is the incumbent MP and the Smart Centres issue has to do with the building of a big box mall on/near local wetlands.



lwmediability Louise Wallace
Candidate db8 underway in salmon arm #elxn41

lwmediability Louise Wallace
Greens waste no time getting Smart centres vs wetland out front – Mayes says people want gangs and guns off the street – say what now?

lwmediability Louise Wallace
What kind of hypocrites are you? Question from the floor in local db8 #elxn41

lwmediability Louise Wallace
Can fed students Rep. Tell local mp his party got an F – Mayes responds with dog ate my homework like excuse

lwmediability Louise Wallace
Voter MB brings up NAFTA CHP 11 – Google it please, she says
lwmediability Louise Wallace
Alberta tarzans – is that an NDP freudian slip in the local db8 #elxn41

lwmediability Louise Wallace
Ottawa to us or us to ottawa – db8 turns to party politics in shuswap – mp says he answers 14,000 + emails per Year (except mine) #elxn41

lwmediability Louise Wallace
Db8 – top issue health – Crowd punchy. Incumbent defensive. Greens/LIBS well spoken. NDP a bit green. Smart centres ? no comment gdnite

Some sobering thoughts
April 15, 2011

Hey SA

When it comes to this election, we need to talk.

My latest post on the Your Take CBC Citizen’s Blog reflects some sobering discussions I’ve had with members of our community.

What are you in for? An ounce of prevention or a pound of cure? I’d like to know your thoughts.


thought i’d get the whole Trudeau salute thing out of the way
April 12, 2011

Since Salmon Arm is infamous for the Trudeau Salute, thought I’d cross that off the must mention on the CBC blog list as soon as possible so we can move on with what’s happened here since 1982.

here’s the latest post:

Thanks for all your encouragement. Very much enjoying the experience so far.

Cheers and enjoy the debate (or is that a political oxymoron – maybe that’ll be tomorrow’s post…)


what’s your take, SA
April 11, 2011

Hi all,

Here’s the link to the first post on the CBC – Canada Votes – your take blog.

Let me know what you think

talk soon


testing testing 123 cbc
April 7, 2011

I am so totally and completed delighted to share that I’ll be a volunteer blogger for CBC for the election campaign.

But I have to do my homework first.

It’ll be my job (and indeed great thrill) to share the news and views from the shuswap on what the election means (or does not mean) for our community over the next few weeks.

Ideas? Photos? Commentary? Or willingness to participate in a short volunteer interview? Please, let me know.

As part of my homework, I tried out the microphone app on my i-phone and had a flash meeting with Tracey from the Gallery – we discussed, in our short three minutes recording, attack ads, contempt of parliament, elections and children. So i’m posting it here as a test.

Tracey and Louise talk politics at the Gallery:

20110407 104749

And they’ll be more to come. So thanks already for your help and encouragement. So far so good Salmon Arm.

vote, why don’t ya
April 5, 2011

In the last federal election, only 59.1 percent of us eligible voters voted.

In our own riding of  Okanagan Shuswap, we’re slightly higher. There are approximately 89,400 eligible voters. Last time we counted, it looked like this.

Colin Mayes, Conservative

Janna Francis, Liberal

Alice Brown, NDP

Huguette Allen, Green

or 53,551 votes cast of 89,400 eligible voters or 59.9%

So, is 60% good enough? Well, let’s see. Would you accept 60% of your pay cheque? Would the bank accept 60% of your mortgage payment. What  if you only feed your kids 60% of the time? Would you buy 10 bags of groceries and carelessly leave 4 behind? I don’t think so.

The Conservatives won the last election with 37.65% of the popular vote. And it’s no small matter to hand over the spending power of an economy worth 1.34 trillion dollars to the guys who won way less then half the vote. So, if for some reason, you think your vote doesn’t really matter, please think again.

So vote, why don’t ya. Your country depends on it. And so do the rest of us.



PSB award
April 1, 2011

I think today’s PSB (Political Sound Bite) award goes to Michael Ignatieff for his press conference in London Ontario.

“People with no jobs. Jobs with no People.”

That’s the problem with our economy.

And he’s right. And he’s also right that the answer is education.

If you’re keeping score, that 1 for Iggy. None for the others – yet.