vote, why don’t ya

In the last federal election, only 59.1 percent of us eligible voters voted.

In our own riding of  Okanagan Shuswap, we’re slightly higher. There are approximately 89,400 eligible voters. Last time we counted, it looked like this.

Colin Mayes, Conservative

Janna Francis, Liberal

Alice Brown, NDP

Huguette Allen, Green

or 53,551 votes cast of 89,400 eligible voters or 59.9%

So, is 60% good enough? Well, let’s see. Would you accept 60% of your pay cheque? Would the bank accept 60% of your mortgage payment. What  if you only feed your kids 60% of the time? Would you buy 10 bags of groceries and carelessly leave 4 behind? I don’t think so.

The Conservatives won the last election with 37.65% of the popular vote. And it’s no small matter to hand over the spending power of an economy worth 1.34 trillion dollars to the guys who won way less then half the vote. So, if for some reason, you think your vote doesn’t really matter, please think again.

So vote, why don’t ya. Your country depends on it. And so do the rest of us.



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