testing testing 123 cbc

I am so totally and completed delighted to share that I’ll be a volunteer blogger for CBC for the election campaign.

But I have to do my homework first.

It’ll be my job (and indeed great thrill) to share the news and views from the shuswap on what the election means (or does not mean) for our community over the next few weeks.

Ideas? Photos? Commentary? Or willingness to participate in a short volunteer interview? Please, let me know.

As part of my homework, I tried out the microphone app on my i-phone and had a flash meeting with Tracey from the Gallery – we discussed, in our short three minutes recording, attack ads, contempt of parliament, elections and children. So i’m posting it here as a test.

Tracey and Louise talk politics at the Gallery:

20110407 104749

And they’ll be more to come. So thanks already for your help and encouragement. So far so good Salmon Arm.


3 Responses

  1. Hi Louise: Looking forward to the premiere! What ‘microphone app’ are you referring to? Thanks Tim

  2. thanks Tim. It’s called Voice memo – available at the app store – 99 cents.

  3. Cograts on the CBC blogig ?
    Hereabouts the election is very quiet with few ripples in the sea of Canadian complacency. Few signs, little noise and “Do nothing until were whole” policy. These Harperites ( not be confused with Conservatives) seem only interested in raising money from their slow witted supporters for the parties private purposes..

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