post #elxn41 epiphany

After weeks of blogging for the CBC your take election coverage, I admit that I am tired. I stayed up way past my bedtime most nights on twitter and facebook researching and writing for the “blog” . I met people I never would have met otherwise. I had a ball. But the ball is over. My feet, my head and to some extent, my heart, hurt.

The morning after the election, when Ignatieff resigned, I actually shed a tear. I know. Ridiculous. But his great moment of humility in a sea of arrogance was so refreshing. I could do nothing less. I think he’ll be the Robert Stanfield of our generation. The best prime minister we never had.

Nothing a few days of real life can’t fix. I’m back in the swing of things again. Laundry almost done. Soccer practice attended. Work schedule back on track. Homework schedule re-instated. Food in the fridge. The kids even got to use the computer again. They’d missed that.

But here I am again, back at the computer musing about #elxn41 (the twitter hash tag for coverage of election 41). Three days later (is that a metaphor too), I feel refreshed and ready to think again.

Quebec astounded me. Talk about Orange Crush. The rest of us seemed to go for the Blue Slurpee. And by Slurpee I mean the icy cold, brain freeze that seemed like a refreshing idea at the time.

So, what does it all mean? Who knows. But I do know this. In English Canada we vote people in. In Quebec, we vote people out. And indeed Quebec has always been slightly ahead of our time. In Quebec, politics is like hockey, it’s talked about all the time. As I mused on Aim High Salmon Arm, Quebec kicked the liberals out in 84, the tories out in 93, the liberals again in 2004 and the bloc in 2011. They’re always thinking about the next election. And, if nothing else, I think we should be thinking about that too.

Once upon a time, Deborah Grey was the only reform MP. Now her former assistant is the Prime Minister of a majority government. And three days ago, we elected the first Green Party MP. Four years from now, I hold out hope that we’ll see some more Green on Parliament Hill.

The Ball might be over, but a girl can still green, oops, I meant, dream.


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  1. Yeah, we’re thinking about the next election in Quebec. But not the federal one. The next Quebec election is less than 2 years away. That becomes the main event.

    In a sense, the virtual annihilation of the Bloc combined with the Conservative majority without any help from Quebec gave a new urgency to the sovereignty issue. Something that hasn’t happened in years.

    I already wrote somewhere (I think it was on Babble) that Quebec might become some day a life raft from the right-wing shift occurring elsewhere in North America. Political independence from Canada starts to look pretty good to a lot of new people these days.

    • Merci! Si je vous comprends bien, vous etes en train de me dire, a la prochaine fois 😉

  2. Agree Iggi got a raw deal, in my view he did very well ; he was by far the class of the leaders; certainly better than Steven , the pre program zomby or Jack, the glib,shallow one.
    Dont lose heart the great thing was that the parasitic bloc was wiped out, albeit by the zanies, and Quebec seems to have grown out of it’s anti English Canada complex ( mainly because there is no longer an English Canada)
    Cheers U did a great blog job (or is it job blog)

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