now hear this

News today that the City of Salmon Arm is embracing the use of the Mosquito device, a high pitched frequency device used to keep teens from loitering in public spaces.

Now I know that vandalism is a serious problem. And Salmon Arm, sadly, has its share of disenfranchised youth but is this really the best we can come up with?

Let’s talk about the under 25 crowd (the ones with hearing good enough to hear the high pitch). They are our babysitters, our popcorn servers at the movies, our fast food burger makers, our newspaper delivery people, our produce aisle purveyors at Askews, our computer fixers, among other mundane but totally necessary contributors to society. They are also our future. And this is how we treat them?

I’m disgusted at this warfare tactic. As mild as it is, it’s still a warfare tactic. How creepy. I’ve written as much to our local council to ask if there’s nothing better we can do. Nothing back as of yet. Maybe they’re deaf to my high pitched plea. We’ll see what they have to say. I’ll be all ears.


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