with friends like these…

I recently returned from North Bay where I attended my high school reunion. It was a fantastic voyage down memory lane and an incredibly powerful reminder that ultimately, our relationships are formed by the common experience we share.

Now speaking of common, a facebook post yesterday announces that Smart Centres (remember them) are calling on their “friends” to attend two upcoming City Council meetings. I quote Nathan Hildebrand here:

It would be greatly appreciated if once again we can have our supporters attend these two meetings. No one is required to speak, but if you like what you see, it would definitely help. If you are not able to attend this coming Monday’s meeting, make sure you can attend the July 11th meeting to show your support.

Dig out your orange bags and YES stickers and let’s remind everyone that the majority of the community wants more shopping in Salmon Arm. Don’t worry if you can’t find your bags or stickers; we will have extras!

I look forward to greeting you on Monday at 8:00 am!

Thanks again for your patience and ongoing support. We really appreciate it.
Nathan Hildebrand

I can’t lie. This smacks of those so called high school friends who were only friends when they wanted something. An invitation to a party. A ride home. Help with their homework.

I won’t be helping with that homework  other than to say that a friend who only calls on you when there’s something in it for them is a friend you can do without. Careful what you wish for Salmon Arm.


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