a pound of flesh but not a drop of blood

I remember reading The Merchant of Venice in Grade 9 English Lit. And I loved the ending. Oh sure, you can have your pound of flesh but not a drop of blood. Judges are so clever sometimes. I wish we had a community judge sometimes. A sober unbiased see-it-all kinda person who could call it as it is.

Sadly, for Salmon Arm, we have no such literary denouement.

So as a tribute to the poetry of a Shakespearian tale, I’ll offer this up on the eve of the SC’s development permit approval.

If I could move a river, I’d protect it from the shore
So I can know for certain it’s not polluted for a store

If I could change a mind, I’d thank my luck stars
I’d rather have a field than a parking full of cars

If I could have a wish, I’d ask for nothing more
than a place where nature is the most important core.

If I could ask a question, I’d put this to you all
Is this conflict really worth a silly shopping mall?

If I could offer advice, I’d keep it plain and simple
you can’t see beauty in a face for an ugly pimple.

I suspect (as most do) that SC will be awarded its pound of flesh tomorrow in Council Chambers. You out-tricked, out-lawyered and out-spent to get it. But a drop of my blood, you’ll never get.

My kingdom for a Shakespearian finale in case there is a wise judge capable of changing this wayward course of ours. Failing that, I offer up a fitting quote from the play.

All that glisters is not gold; / Often have you heard that told. / Many a man his life hath sold / But my outside to behold.

Fare thee well.


One Response

  1. Right On ; as some used to say
    Alas I doubt if SC folks spend much time with the bard
    Pretty soon every puptent and telephone post will have a SC ( all exactly the same just like 1984; whatever big bother decides) How many is too many ?
    The bard also told us that there is “many a miss tween hand & mouth”

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