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Hold that thought
October 11, 2011

Hi there,

I’ll be taking a brief hiatus from the Blahgg Blog to focus on two new projects.

1) I’m running for municipal council in Salmon Arm – and if you’re curious as to why, you can follow me here. I promise to share an open and honest account of what a run for municipal office entails.

2) It’s the silly season in publishing – another one of my favourite hobbies – so we’ve put together a new blog about the crazy ins and outs of the art, business and craft of publishing here.

So once the ballots are counted (November 19) and the books are back from the printers and formatted for your favourite e-reader (sooner than later, I hope) and ready for sale, I’ll be back to The Blahgg Blog.

So until then, keep it real my friends. See you again soon, I hope.