The Blahgg Blog is Back for the Black. Friday, that is.

Hello again,

I’m off the campaign trail now. Our municipal elections were held last Saturday. It wasn’t a win for me at the ballot box but it certainly was a win on every other front. So thanks. But enough about that.

It’s time to talk about shopping’s biggest day. Black Friday. How our neighbours to the south can turn any historical event into a mattress sale is beyond me but Black Friday is the Superbowl of shopping. And along with it, comes a big bowl of tasteless, pathetic and culturally telling television commercials about the consumerism at its absolute worst.

So let’s go down the list, shall we.

justin – macy’s



walmart (it’s just too good to limit it to one)

and just for good measure – a mattress sale

Need I say more? No. But I will. Stay home on Friday and celebrate buy nothing day. Then on Saturday, celebrate Small Business Saturday and buy something from a small business. One that means something to you. Our neighbours to the South can teach us a thing or two yet.

Good to be back.

Bye (not buy) for now.


5 Responses

  1. Agreed
    Ill buy nothing(same as always)

  2. I think I’ll buy a full tank of gas and get the hell out of here before I’m corrupted!


  3. The Target Commercial that you have here isnt the official target commercial, i know beacuse i am the creator of that video, it was created for entertainment purposes only

    • thanks. good to know. I’ll replace it with the original. sorry ’bout that.

      • no problem just didnt want you to have incorrect info šŸ™‚

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