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everything old is new again
May 7, 2012

Hard to beat Salmon Arm in Spring. It’s green. It’s lush. It’s lovely.

On the economic front, there’s a real renewal boom going on too. Some old is giving way to some new. A reface of the Toyota dealership, a reface of the Husky, the Super Save (which was done super quickly), a new Dairy Queen (though not in the old Dairy Queen location), a new look for the Ford dealership, a new start for the old East Side Marios (now called the Wicked Spoon and set to open very soon). Months earlier, we got a new Save On, new Shoppers that made way for a new SportsCheck, as well as a soon to be new Starbucks. Down the road at the other mall, an updated Wholesale Club to make way for a new Staples and yet another new dollar store. Seems retail nip and tucks are in favour these days. And speaking of nip and tucks, your outer beauty can be flashed at two new boudoir photography salons downtown. Bar salon is also new on the scene – moving from a residential location on top of the hill to a hip new downtown locale. It’s exciting to see us embrace room for improvement.

I suspect most anxiously await the new Askews and the new Smart Centers – which are both metaphorically and literally miles apart –  at opposite ends of the town spectrum, if you will.

While it’s nice to see everything tidied up a wee bit, I also sigh a bit each time conformity creeps in. Most of these designs (save for a precious innovative few) were dictated by the “national” brands to meet their own objectives. They don’t really speak to what’s unique about Salmon Arm or any town that matter.

So while you enjoy you dilly bar (my personal fav) or pull into Husky’s for fill up, don’t forget to remember what makes Salmon Arm unique – and be sure to support those businesses too. It’s what makes us, us. And if you want to talk it about it over coffee, I’d prefer to “jive” or  “canoe” over a star struck buck.

It’s an important reminder that we all need renewal from time to time. In our personal lives or our work lives or both. By embracing fresh ideas, we all learn and we all grow. So thanks to all of you who do. We’re all better for it in the long run.

Happy Spring.