Go to HELp

For those who believe that hell and heaven are places far away and dedicate their lives to avoidance and attainment in their after life, take note that today is proof that hell and heaven live here on Earth and live within us.

Today, a young man pried the gates of hell open for all of us to see and took with him the lives of twenty innocent children.

My heart bleeds. As does the heart of any parent, any teacher, anyone who paused today and will pause in the days ahead and struggle to understand, to reach out, to comprehend what could drive another human being to such monstrosity.

Hell lives here on earth. It walks among us. In the hearts of the disenfranchised, the broken, the ignored, the angry, the psychotic, the misunderstood, the bullied and the sad, the addicted, the hurt, the hungry, the cold, the confused, the dysfunctional, the isolated and the unaided. The lonely.

And it sometimes visits us too, the loved, the healthy, the included, the supported, the fed, the wealthy, the strong. We can see it in ourselves if we can witness it in others. Some dedicate their life’s work to helping. The beloved “helpers” as Mr. Rogers called them. And others assist or support those who help. Some of us ignore it too. We turn away, We dismiss. We disconnect. We discredit. Self preservation at the very least. Selfishness and fear at its very worst.

Someone knew that young man was deeply troubled. In every mass shooting, we reflect on what we knew to be true and mourn their victims anyway.

And for many idealogical leaders and, dare I say, religious and gun freedom fanatics, the  unfathomable tragedy is an opportunity to abuse, break, bully, hurt, confuse, isolate and harm even further. To whom I politely suggest  that one day, hell’s gates will extend a warm and everlasting welcome.  Perhaps then and only then will they know the wrong they did, and worst, the good they could have done instead.

But heaven lives here too. And there is good to do. It lives in the hearts of the survivors, the first responders, the congregations, the community leaders, the doctors, the nurses, the families, the friends, the neighbours, and sadly, the funeral directors and ultimately, the children who will grow up and live enough life to make up for the lives lost today.

And finally, the legislators, the lawyers, and the justice workers, and all of us who must, once and for all, come to terms with this – if hell is to have an unlimited supply of  guns, then heaven’s going to need more help than ever.

Today, those little ones didn’t get the help they needed because the gunman didn’t get the help he needed. He got a gun instead. And his hell is the one we live in now.

Go to HELp. Stay there. Never again is too soon.

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