How I miss Parliament Hill (on days like today)

Years ago, I was a Parliamentary Page. Best Job Ever. Paid for university. Custom made suit (but ugly shoes). Front row seat to Canadian democracy and human frailty.

A few years after that, I was a Hill staffer for a wonderful Member of Parliament. Worked in a Whip’s office. I’ve seen phones ring. I’ve seen eight lines light up at once. Trust me, some days it’s worst than watching paint dry, but every now and then, a day will come that makes up for all of that and more.

Today would have been one of those awesome days. All the TVs would have been on. All on different channels. We’d be standing rather than sitting. Marveling at the drama. “He said what?” “No way, did he really, really say that?” OMG. Except we didn’t say OMG then.

When Mike Duffy stood up in the Senate and called out the PMO, I wanted to stand up too. When he called the PMO “the kids in the short pants”, I wanted to cheer. Best line ever.

There’s  plenty of childish behaviour happening on the Hill right now. And no trade deal with Europe is going to make that nonsense go away.

And, despite a happy life, a lovely family, a great town, and all that important stuff, part of me would have traded it all in to be on Parliament Hill today. I’ll settle for Power and Politics with Evan Solomon. I bet that studio was abuzz with OMGs today too.

I don’t know how PM Houdini’s going to get himself out of this locked box contraption, but I’ll be tuning in tomorrow to catch up on the drama. OMG indeed.

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