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Graduation – 19 tips for the class of 2019
June 8, 2015

I’ve thought of a few lessons I would have given my eighteen year old self. Simple stuff really but there is beauty and power in simplicity That’s the trouble with being a grown up it’s unnecessarily complicated.

Here, for your consideration is a list of 19 simple things for the Class of 2019.

1) You’re going to meet some very interesting people. They will think that you are interesting too. That’s how they roll.

2) Have a bit of cash on hand, just in case. A cab ride can save you from a mess of trouble.

3) Follow your gut. it won’t lie to you. If you think it’s creepy, it is. Go with that.

4) Don’t drive like a show off. It’s the single most dangerous way to impress nobody at all.

5) Show up early. That’s when all the fun stuff happens.

6) Keep all the important papers in the same place. There’s lots of paperwork to deal with.

7) Hanging out with friends, listening to music, laughing and getting some exercise won’t cost you money or your good judgement. Other choices might. You always have a choice.

8) Staying up all night and eating crap food isn’t nearly as much fun as you might think.

9) That boring stuff that parents do – laundry, grocery, paying bills – it’s kinda awesome when it’s yours to do on your own.

10) Your parents will miss you. You might miss them too. Keep in touch. They were your age once upon a time. They get it.

11) If you ask people for help, they almost always say yes. So go ahead and ask.

12) Loneliness, heartbreak and anxiety are universal emotions. It keeps us human and reminds us to seek belonging as tough as that can be sometimes.

13) Try new things – travel, food, movies, sports, arts, hobbies – it’s a big world and it’s pretty amazing.

14) Curiosity is a good friend. Spend time with it.

15) Spend time in nature. Walk among the trees. Look up and remember, you too are a force of nature.

16) Focus on the outcome you seek. It will help avoid unnecessary drama. You are here for a purpose. You owe it that.

17) The universe is asking us to do less. Conserve water and power. Ration carbon. Reduce, reuse, recycle. Consume less. Ironically, you’ll live more.

18) Do not tolerate intolerance. So much of the world’s strife is based on fear which breeds hate. Remove that from your psyche. Look for compassion and kindness always.

15) The place you left to find your way will always have a place for you. There really is no place like home.

Go. Be. Happy. And congratulations on your graduation. It’s only the beginning. The world belongs to you now and we can’t wait to see what you’ll do, how far you will go and how proud you will make us.